26 September 2011

more from a drawing project

also on view at www.adrawingproject.com


Susan Scheid said...

Always great to see your work. Since I can't comment on your tumblr site, it seems, I'll say here: I do keep up with it, and the photography is brilliant. And musicians should hire you-your photos of performers are filled with movement and so, so atmospheric.

megan said...

: D :D :D

I do the concert photography because I love it, but maybe I should make a few dollars off it. Or at least get into the venue free.

And see? I don't even feel like signing out of google in order to sign myself in here, so I'm not even commenting as the creator of this blog! It's so tiring (& creepy, since the internet feels as if it's owned by one or two entities).

Best to you, as always.

megan said...

Oh, wait--now I have to go approve myself. ha.