31 January 2010

excerpts from the daily painting project

two paintings in progress

kindred objects that will find their way into a composition

three finished pieces


Raining Acorns said...

Why you little devil! If I don't check on every blog you have, I miss something critical--here you have photos of some of the actual objects and materials, about I've been wondering for some time. Just great to see this!

kookaburra said...

Now if only a small figure sporting a trident would wash up on the beach so I could paint my doppelganger.

In an earlier comment you said you would like to attend my show. That would be awesome. Should I wait until then to learn your real identity?

Raining Acorns said...

Quite an image! Surely one will appear . . .

As to your question: I had actually written to the e-mail address you give at the top of this blog to ask whether I might do a piece on you and your work, on the order of the one I did on Gwyn's exhibit. Is the address no longer good, or might my e-mail have got caught in your spam? I can send again, if needed & I will alert you when it's on the way.